Tuesday, July 21, 2015

TRAGEDY!!!: First Demerit for Sonic


I came home, called Sonic and began the setup process for the Sonic modem.  The model was the Pace 5268AC, and was so new they did not have a setup guide for it online.  I was excited!  As per the tech's instructions, I plugged in the power cable and the phone cable. We waited till the power light was solid green. The tech began the remote configuration, aaaaaaaaand... nothing.  It turns out if you do not already have an AT&T line, such as in the case with a Cable TV customer with a VOIP phone, AT&T is the technician that first comes out, not sonic... and they connected the line wrong.  We connected the phone to the line, and there was no dial tone.  The technician regretted to inform me that the nearest appointment for a technician to come out is one week from now on July 28 to properly connect the line. Wah, waaaaaah.  I informed them this was the first demerit on their record with me, but I guess I have to wait.  I am an IT tech, not a telephone tech, or I would do it myself.

One more week of the spotty intermittent internet connectivity from Xfinity/Comcast.  The problem is, with direct TV coming out, and with the current VOIP line going through the coaxial, we are going to loose house phone access and internet on Thursday when Direct TV is coming out.

I am going to have to call the sales department tomorrow and ask them to push the Direct TV install to the same day as the fixing of the line.  I cannot go 3 days straight without internet, and Juliet cannot go 3 days with out both the land line and the internet.  Meh.

Still... a 5 day postponement of kicking Xfinity/Comcast to the curb isn't too bad.

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