Tuesday, July 14, 2015


As a gamer and a cinema fanatic I leaped at the chance to get Comcast high speed internet! Faster downloads! Smoother frame rates! Uninterrupted gaming with minuscule latency!  10 GBPS of download speed!!!

And for a while, that is exactly what it was... until they updated their system with there new x2 speed technology and their new Xfinity Gateway towers with built in Wi-Fi... then everything went to hell.

My current service starting acting slower and would lose the internet signal intermittently, usually for just a second at a time, but sometime for 20 minutes.  Even a dropped signal for a second can mean a complete wipe-out of a 3 hour gaming session with your friends online, or the forced reload of a movie your streaming.  That's when I got the card in the mail saying that I can upgrade my old modem for free for the new Xfinity/Comcast Gateway!

When I got it and set up the new Xfinity gateway, the speeds were faster than my old modem! I could sometimes even get 20 MBPS download speeds!!!... but the intermittent signal interruption persisted. I tried all the usual tricks: resetting the router, tightening the leads, doing a complete wipe and reconfigure of the router, but the problem still persisted.  SO... I called tech support. They would make run through all the exact testing I just did by myself, as I am an IT tech who also used to work for a cable company a while ago. When they would get the same results, they would boost the signal, saying that would often fix the issue, and it did, until a few weeks later when they dial the signal back again.

This dance went on for months:

Have me troubleshoot, increase the signal, works for a while, then the problem comes back.

Sent out a tech who would replace different parts and say "It should be fixed now", work for a while the problem comes back.

Rinse, repeat.

24 + calls, 9 tech visits, 5 modem/router replacement, 3 splitter replacements, 1 junction box replacement, all the cabling in the house being replaced, and a couple of years later, I am done.  I warned them that if they did not fix the problem on this last visit, I would be moving my services elsewhere.  Yesterday was the day, and I have begun the process. The only reason I waited this long was I had a 2 year contract with them.

Phase 1 (Ordered 7/13, In progress):
Switching to Sonic Fusion 10 MBPS internet and VIOP phone for $60.00 a month.

Phase 2 (ETA 7 Days from now):
Canceling Xfinity/Comcast internet and transfer my phone number to Sonic, saving me $40 per month.

Phase 3 (ETA 10 days from now):
Switch to Direct TV for TV service for $39.99 mo including a HD DVR that can play in all rooms of the house, giving my Sonic Internet and phone an additional $5 off per month discount for their partnership.

Phase 4 (ETA Immediately after completion of Phase 3):
Cancel Xfinity Cable & TiVo, saving me another $55.00 per month. At this point, my home media bill has gone from $190 per month for TV, Phone, and internet, & DVR service to $100.00 per month for TV, Phone, Internet, and DVR service.

Phase 5 (2 year period):
Monitor and test my services through Sonic, and if they merit praise, spread the word to my neighbors so they can ditch Xfinity and sign up for Sonic too. If enough users in my neighborhood sign up for Sonic, Sonic will install high-speed fiber data for our area.

Phase 6 (ETA 2 years after Direct TV contract ends):
Purchase of digital HD multi-directional antenna and antenna mount, and connect it up to the house, then cancel Direct TV. Estimated one time cost $200, but gain a monthly savings of $39.99... indefinitely, as all HD over air broadcasting is free. Drawback: Loose DVR service, but hopefully there will be an alternative available at that time.

Phase 7 (As soon as Direct TV is canceled):
Sign up for HBO Now streaming service for $12 to $15 a month, depending on current pricing. Total savings over my Xfinity/Comcast bundle + Tivo: $100 to $115.

Comparison of the services:
Xfinity/Comcast Cable TV (without HBO), 20 GBPS internet that works intermittently, VOIP phone, and TiVo DVR service - $200.

Sonic Fusion 10 GBPS internet plus VOIP phone, all local TV channels in HD, HBO, and Netflix, all with perfect streaming capability - $85 to $90 a month. $100 to $105, if a "Over the Air" television DVR service is available then.

Phase 8:
Switch to Sonic high speed fiber for the same price of my old Sonic service, when it becomes available. Now the internet speed for Sonic goes from 10 GBPS to 1000 GBPS... for the same price.

Phase 9 (estimated ETA of 5 years):
Laugh as Xfinity/Comcast begins to go out of business due to everyone switching to high-speed fiber and streaming their TV shows instead of paying for crappy cable.

I have created this blog to  let you all know how my plan turns out as it progresses.

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