Thursday, July 16, 2015

Dance, Monkey, DANCE!!!

SOOOOOO... considering I haven't had a solid signal that will allow me to do online gaming safely or watch a streaming movie without pixelation, I figured I would try to call Comcast and get a credit for last month's internet service.

After talking to 1 incompetent billing rep, who cold transferred me to tech support because she couldn't deal; 1 polite but dumbfounded technician, who was stunned into a stuttering mess because I was able to rattle off every trouble shooting step that they wanted me to do, but had already done, as well as the fact that 8 onsite techs and 1 field manager has visited my home, and the fact that I was cold-transferred to him when I was already this angry and armed with knowledge; 1 customer service escalation specialist, who walked on eggshells because she knew I was ready to blow and had the perfect justification to do so; and 1 tech support dispatch person; I received an $11 dollar credit, AND I have to suffer the cable technician to come out to my house one... more... time.

Unknown to them, I am already on the path of leaving them, BUT they do not know that.  Also, although I was angry, I wasn't THAT angry. I just wanted to see what I can get and to make them squirm with my knowledge and anger wrapped up in politeness... oh yes, I remained polite.  Phone representatives do not deserve to be disrespected... unless they do something stupid to earn it, like the first rep who cold transferred me without warning.   She was annoying and rude, so I did whip out the proverbial thumb screws half way through the conversation.   >:-D>

I am going to let them come and do their tech thing again, then hit them up for another credit after and see how much more I can get refunded. I really deserve half the year refunded, since I could only use it half the time throughout the year, but a couple of $11 credits makes me feel better.

As for Sonic, my equipment is on it's way and should arrive Saturday, so hopefully I can cancel my Comcast internet service and phone service by Tuesday.

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