Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Start Of The Transition

Yesterday, I received my Sonic Fusion modem and equipment.

In it included the modem, AC power for the modem, Ethernet cables, phone cables, 3 DSL filters for the house phones so they will not interfere with your DSL service, clear instructions on how to set up your modem, a warning card not to set up my modem until the service has been installed, and the scheduled service installation date on the card (which is today).
Today while I was at work, the Sonic technician came and installed the telephone and DSL service, so my home is ready to install the modem when I get home tonight.
I logged into my Xfinity account, and forwarded my Xfinity home phone number to my new Sonic home phone number.  After I have the phone installed tonight, I will call Sonic and arranged to have the number ported over from Xfinity to Sonic, so I can keep my original phone number (unless Juliet likes the new home phone number better, then I will have to call all the creditors and give them the new number)

At lunch today, I ordered Direct TV through Sonic, which gave me 3 discounts the first year, and a discounted channel package.

The Sonic customer service rep was nothing but Aces, and when I realized I left my wallet in my car, he waited the 10 minutes for me to go grab it so I wouldn’t have to call back and start the order all over.

The total breakdown for Direct TV is as follows:
  Direct TV Ultimate Package: $39.99 ($81.99 after 12 months)
  HD Service with 4 Channel HD DVR + 1 Genie remote viewing unit: $15.00 per month
  Customer Referral code: $10 off per month for the first 10 months
  Discount for Auto Pay: $10 per month for first 11 months
  Sonic Bundle Discount: $5 for the first 12 months
  Shipping and Handling: $21.85 (One time fee, fist month.)
  Taxes and licensing fees: $32.63 per month

Total Monthly Costs over the next 2 years:
  1st month: $83.47
  2nd through 10th month: $61.62
  11th Month: $72.62
  12th month: $77.62
  13 through 24: $129.62

Average Monthly Cost over 24 months $97.35

Sonic Fusion phone & 10 GPBS service $60.00

Total Average Monthly Cost for the next 2 years: $157.35

Comparison to Xfinity:
  Sonic Fusion + Internet: $157.35
  Xfinity High Speed Internet/Phone/TV: $171.12
  Total Average Monthly Savings over 2y: $13.77 month ($330.48 yr)

Unfortunately, not as great of savings as I hoped, but with direct dual DSL line service at up to 10 GBPS that is uninterrupted, then it is well worth it.

AAAAAAND that’s not really the savings, as that $330.48 is going to go towards purchasing a HD digital antenna and Roamio TiVo.

At the end of Yr 24, Direct TV will be cut loose, the monthly charge will go down to $75.00 a month (Sonic Fusion + Free OTA TV, and $15 a month Tivo service.)

At least this first year will allow me to save money and prepare for next month and the eventual 
cancellation of Dish Network.   If I could have afforded the HD TV antenna now, I would have gone straight to OTA TV and bypassed Direct TV, but those are the breaks.  Going to miss BBC, the SciFi channel, Chill, and IFC, but sacrifices must be made, and that’s 2 years from now anyway.

At least I will have much better customer service those 2 years than I ever had with Xfinity/Comcast.  Looking forward to calling them tonight or tomorrow to schedule my cancellation of Xfinity on Thursday.

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