Thursday, July 23, 2015

Porting of the Phone Number

So with the issues of the phone line from Sonic not having the crossover properly set up by AT&T, I had to postpone my Direct TV install until the 28th, the soonest that Sonic can send a Sonic technician out to fix the phone line.

Today, I received an email from Sonic saying my line port over request of my Xfinity/Comcast is in progress, and would be completed on August 8th, 2 weeks from now.

My only concern is this:  If I am ready to cancel my cable and internet from Xfinity on the 28th, can I keep the phone number until the 8th when the port over is complete, or do I have to pay for cable and internet from Xfinity/Comcast till the 8th?

I suspect, I am stuck paying for Xfinity/Comcast cable and Internet I will not need or use for 11 more days.

This is a lot of frustrating work folks.  I hope it pays off.

In the meantime, have canceled the speed boost portion of by Xfinity/Comcast internet, and is seems to have made the connection more stable, but I can really see the speed difference.  Looking forward to my 10 GBPS Sonic next week.

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