Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Step 2 of Transition

As I received the email today that my new phone line is active, I went ahead and started the proceedings of porting the number from Xfinity to over to my Sonic account.  Within 48 hours, my phone number will be out of the clutches of Xfinity/Comcast!!! MUAHAHAHAHAH!!!

Went ahead and set up a replacement email that I will be updating... everywhere... all night.


REEEEEALY not looking forward to this part, but got to do what I got to do.  Have allot of accounts to update my email on.

Also set up a new email for the wife of her choosing.  Very simple and straight forward.  Sonic's layout of their User Tools section on their site is easy to navigate, and their help section pretty much covers everything (so far).  Had the 2 email accounts up in seconds.  Liking Sonic so far.  We will see, once I have the Fusion modem set up.

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